Tubular Cable Conveyors

Tubular cable conveyors are designed to efficiently handle and convey fragile bulk materials with stainless steel tubing efficiently using low friction polymer disc. In other words, tubular cable conveyors as the name suggest is a machine in the food processing industry that is used to move delicate products through phases of production to discharge point in a clean environment.

 A wheel rotation circuit drives a tubular cable conveyor with a single or multiple inlet and outlet that changes the cable’s direction at 180 degrees and slide bulk products at slow speed through the conveyor’s course. It is a stainless-steel modular component finished to the standard of food, pharmaceutical, and other bulk products.

Tubular cable conveyors are an excellent choice to move food products, for example; animal feed, bread crumbs, flour, nuts, malt, trail mix, dried fruits, frozen cauliflower, grains, pet food, pasta, peas, seeds, spices, teas or non-food products like prills, tobacco, hemp, and pelletized products in a dust-free environment. This product can transfer blended materials of all sizes and bulk densities without separation.

A tubular cable conveyor is built with an outlet for each of these materials to enhance productivity levels. Bulk products undergo four rigorous material outlets before discharge. This outlet has three unique features and one option; these features are as follows; inline tubular discharge valves, full-blown inline discharge, drive system with optional discharge cones, and brush boxes. These four features guarantee efficient work before dislodging any residual material. Also, Tubular cable conveyors have metered and non-metered material inlets that control the rate at which materials enter the conveyor tube to avoid the machine’s overlogging.

The standard features of tubular cable conveyors are as follows;

The conveyor system can be easily configured to operate to your unique physical layout after installation for maximum productivity. An excellent example of this personal layout configuration is the inlet in a Tubular cable system with special qualities like adjustable target rate conveyor controllable by minimizing or maximizing the disc assembly or cable speed. It broadens customer’s choices during production despite its standard low requirements for the number of materials that can fit in its inlet.

 Tubular cable conveyor’s outlet serves as a precious system suitable for fragile material, especially for customers with particle-like products that need to be moved from one point to another during production processes.

How to clean the system

It is a fundamental question due to the tubular cable conveyor’s ability to convey different delicate bulk products. Fortunately, it is built with quick clean accessories and CIP features like its sanitary systems within which FLEXI-DISC conveyors are fully attached. The included disc specification removes residual products and prevents damages to the product and plant environment. But the machine’s interior and exterior require consistent, thorough cleaning for the effectiveness of the device. Similarly, special care is necessary to the conveyor’s part that moves delicate food sizing.