Flex Screw Conveyors

Flex Screw Conveyor is ideal for a wide range of conveying applications with easy installation and operation processes. The key feature of a helix conveyor, otherwise known as a flex screw conveyor, is to enhance easy installation and it is build-up to suit customer satisfaction.

Flex screw conveyors are modular designs with unique characteristics that are easily incorporated to customise the machine as necessary. It can be engineered to amplify difficult-to-convey materials with essential adjustments to the machine’s physical characteristics, moisture content, flow content, etc. Some of the materials that may require these adjustments are abrasive materials, cohesive materials, ultra-fine particles, fluid-like materials, brittle materials, etc.

Flex screw conveyors are a spring steel or stainless-steel flexible screw that operates with an electric motor in a rigidly enclosed rubber or steel tube. It is designed with discharge efficient performance at an economical price. One of the flex screw conveyors’ unique features is the one moving part contacting material: the rugged, flexible screw that strongly resists wear. It automatically proves its high reliability, low maintenance, and any other consistent problematical development that could occur in any other products is eliminated due to this high key feature. Also, amongst other of its features is the ample ability to move material at any angle, through or over obstructions, and fits in small space.

Besides, flex screw conveyors have standard features to smoothly handle your products through common options like BEV-CON surveyors that can take fragile products and avoid costly altercations to existing materials, such as chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. It also has high flow hoppers built-in to facilitate the flow of free and non-free-flowing bulk materials, as a result of this reducing waste products in hoppers. Feed Hooper’s is a design crucial to customers in moving materials with inferior flowing products. Flex screw conveyors promote immediate and continuous conveying of bulk solid products by consuming volumetric feeding, which controls hoppers with flow promotional devices for free-flowing and non-flowing devices. Lastly, it is facilitated with parts that can substitute each other’s weakness; for example, the discharge end is coupled to the drive motor above or beyond the discharge to minimize the number of residual products since its product’s intake end of the screw has no bearing.

Flex screw conveyors are easily accessible in the purchase and replacement of parts. At SN Lavalin, we have an immediate personalized assistant ready to identify elements needing replacement within flex screw conveyors bulk handling equipment. For more information, contact your regional flex screw surveyor’s location.

Finally, flex screw surveyors have high human-to-Machine maintenance qualities that make them easy to use for this product. It is designed with screws and tubes and thus, is removable for fast and thorough cleaning of all surfaces. The designers of this product build it with high consideration for customer’s maintenance capacity, which leads to long-lasting use. Flex screw surveyors are organized with durable industrial equipment with removal clean-out caps to achieve a dust-free environment for your bulk products.

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