Drum-box container dumpers

Drum box Container Dumpers that are otherwise known as Container Tipper can accommodate the available sizes of drums. Asides from a drum, they can also adjust the size of boxes, containers used for storage, and containers used to ship bulky solid materials. All these are usually offered in mild steel with a durable and fine industrial finish. These will usually have a stainless material contact surface. It can also be in all-stainless models finished by an industrial standard or other food, dairy, and pharmaceutical standards.

Container Discharge Equipment is commonly known as box dumpers, bin dumpers, drum dumpers, and tote, or fibre drum dumpers. These container dischargers are used for the organized unload and the discharge of dry materials from hard-to-handle loads, reducing manual labour and removing equipment operators’ need to bend to lift heavy material containers. Safety and efficiency are essential factors during material handling design. Other important factors include the dust-free and complete unloading of materials from containers. Drum box container Dumpers will help to improve the dumping of bulk materials from drums, boxes, and other containers in four ways:

By hydraulically sealing the container against a discharge hood that mates with a gasket inlet port on any receiving vessel, you improved the dumping of bulk materials from these containers. It is to ensure a dust-free operation. This container is built for trusted reliability and also improved safety. They have a way of bringing new and trustworthy efficiencies that are cost savings to an age-old and look for a positive way to handle a repetitive task.

They stop dust

These Drum box containers hydraulically raise and rotate the container. While they do this, they create a dust-tight seal against a discharge hood. This discharge hood will then mate with a gasket inlet port fitted to any receiving vessel using a pneumatic or manual slide can of flow.

They improve safety

Automated controlled jumpers can eliminate ergonomic concerns of manual methods. It incorporates some crucial features of stringent worldwide safety rules and regulations.

They increase reliability

They are essential for fail-safe reliability under constant use, especially in demanding environments. It backs them up with a 100% sure performance guarantee.

It cut costs

Dumping Containers help you avoid repetitive tasks. It is smooth, reliable, and dust-free, which are of significant advantages. All these features improve the efficiency of a related task while saving your labour and downtime at the same time. Also, it maximizes your payback.


Running down from the simplest container dumper to the automated container, the visible results seen every day cannot be overemphasized. They include;

  • A massive and increased output
  • Significant productivity and an improved system control integration
  • A reduced operating cost through savings.

It can also be through indirect labour and loss of materials because of spillage.