Company Profile

What We Do

Bulk handling equipment systems is a field of engineering involved in the designing and making of equipment used in industrial activity, the processing of materials into end products. Examples of bulk Materials range from chemicals, minerals, gravel, clay, cement, and sand to food. This equipment is used for various purposes, such as storage, movement, and every other necessary step during production. The main activity a bulk material handling system does is that it moves and supplies bulk materials around during production, aiding the production process.

Industrial worker
Various advantages of bulk handling equipment include reduction in waste as it combines production processes and allows for production to be carried out by a single machine which allows little to no material wasting; it also provides you with a device tailored to your every production need making your production faster and cost-efficient, since your machine is engineered to suit your needs, the machine is constructed with materials used in your line of production. We at SN Lavalin make and design quality bulk handling systems equipment on a large-scale basis. We make bulk handling equipment for every type of industrial activity, helping them in producing end products. Our pieces of machinery are usually easy to operate and are pretty efficient. At SN Lavalin, we look at what your production process entails. Our team designs and engineers the ideal equipment capable of carrying out your production process, making your process much more effective and efficient. We also deal with various materials, including chemicals, paint, food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, snack food, etc.

Our Mission

SN Lavalin aims to help our customers bring their vision to life by designing and creating a machine that goes beyond their expectations and can carry out its requisite functions and much more. We hope to provide our customers with deeply satisfying services that ensure us of their continuous patronage.

Our Services

  • We make designs of equipment, and we also work with plans you provide us with
  • We provide you with drawings, including designs by other engineers and us.
  • We can work independently or in conjunction with engineers of your choice.
  • We carry out installations of the equipment.
  • We provide you with an on-point manager that sees your project through and gives you feedback, and limits your time overseeing the work yourself.
  • We evaluate your material in a state-of-the-art test facility with equipment to stimulate your system to show if it is feasible.
  • We will help pinpoint problems your design has and provide solutions to these problems.
  • We provide our equipment with easy to operate interfaces
  • We make use of quality and durable materials to make your machine and ensures it’s met the code and requirement of your industry
  • We provide our services to members of every sector involved in creating end products.

Our Vision

Our vision here at SN Lavalin is to be one of the leading bulk handling equipment systems in the world. We are creating top-notch systems with an increased productivity level with quality and high-end materials. Furthermore, we attempt to make quality equipment that does not endanger workers’ safety and design and create systems that are easy to understand and work with.