Bulk Bag Dischargers

About Bulk Bag Dischargers

 Bulk Bags are bags used for transporting products. It is also called a big bag or jumbo sack. Most times, these transported products are powdered and must be treated with utmost care and precise attention. It is in this process that a BULK BAG DISCHARGER comes in. Hence, a bulk bag Discharger, also known as a bulk bag unloader, helps to receive a product and hand it out back to the processing line. Simply put, it loads and offloads.

Bulk Bag Dischargers have various creatively made parts and accessories that are mostly patented, giving an unrivalled level of order, neatness, and prudence. The designs and performances of bulk bag dischargers keep improving how the bulk bags are loaded, unloaded, and packaged.

It also has a bag sprout interface with a dust-tight seal and aids material flow and total evacuation. The dust-tight seal prevents foreign materials from getting into the product, thereby giving premium sanitation, cleanliness and protects the product. More so, this dust-tight seal also properly seals powdered products. These powdered products could be lost to the air, but the seal prevents this. It, therefore, helps with cost efficiency. Without the seal, the product that could be lost to the air may make the owner-run into a loss. But that is erased with the use of the bulk bag discharger.

Furthermore, this bag sprout interface has a clamp ring that connects the clean side of the clamp ring to the neat side of the telescoping tube. A drawstring is released, and the products can flow freely, rid of dust or any other harmful particles. And this also eliminates the need for the use of flow control valves that may cause sudden bag bursts in the plant.

The bulk bag Discharger also includes a dust collector that applies negative pressure within the sealed system to sag empty bags before they are retired. And this is done to eliminate any dust-related particles that might be in the bag before. It vacuums every spot to get rid of the dirt accumulated while the loads are handled manually.

It also comes with a telescoping tube that aids with absolute spillage containment and makes a continual downward tension movement. It prevents flow restrictions and eliminates dead pockets, creating a free material flow and total evacuation process.

The bulk bag Discharger also comes in stainless steel and carbon steel designs, which helps solve a strong, durable loading and offloading equipment.

In Conclusion, the bulk bag Discharger is a machine of many benefits, the most prominent being that it reduces human resources labour. A lot of hands are not needed.

The bulk bag discharger eliminates the potential of this happening. Consequently, this gives way for high productivity. It is also very cost-efficient, promotes sanitation, smooth material flow, and complete evacuation.